Guide to using Khan Academy in higher education

College students who have gaps in knowledge can struggle in math, especially within courses that build on previous learning and on placement exams . These students need relevant, high-quality resources that can be accessible at any time.
Khan Academy is a free, online tool, which houses thousands of instructional math videos, exercises, and a personalized learning platform in which students can learn at their own pace through an entire subject.
Here's what you can do to help students get started using Khan Academy.

Encourage your students to use missions for supplemental practice

Missions are individualized math experiences within Khan Academy which are grouped by subjects. Students can use our personalized missions to guide students within their relevant, standards-aligned math content.
Students can use missions to:
  • fill in gaps at their own pace within a certain subject,
  • master skills that are challenging and appropriate for their level, and
  • use hints and videos immediately when they need help
Our most popular mission for college math is Algebra Basics. This subject is ideal for anyone looking to prepare for a high school or college placement exam. It covers all of the foundational ideas in algebra and related topics in pre-algebra and geometry. If you're looking for more exhaustive coverage, then the Algebra I and Algebra II subjects may be better for you. Learn about best practices when using Khan Academy with your students here.

Let students know that they have a free tutor (who doesn’t ever sleep!)

If students need help with a particular mathematical concept, missed a lecture and want to catch up, or just need a refresher, they can search our site to find relevant math videos and practice exercises.
Letting students know that they have the option to get help at any time, without fear of judgment about what they don’t yet know, can be empowering and can bring them one step closer to success.

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