Manchester Community College, located in Manchester, Connecticut, is a public 2-year college which serves over 15,000 students a year, with 34% attending full-time. As part of an initiative by the New England Board of Higher Education to improve remedial and developmental education, the college used Khan Academy to address students who demonstrate significant gaps in math knowledge.
In 2014, Manchester began to use Khan Academy in conjunction with their Adults in Transition program in order to improve placement scores to decrease or eliminate the need for developmental math coursework.

Quick facts

  • Program: “Math Blast,” a free semester-long program for students who are placed in developmental math
  • Format: Self-paced, 1-1 coach-supported
  • Class size: Less than 20 students
  • Time commitment: 20 hours
  • Khan Academy content: Algebra Basics subject (or “mission”)


Playfully titled “Math Blast,” this free program initially was only offered to students who were placed in developmental math and qualified for the Adults in Transition program. In Summer 2014, it was opened to all students who tested into the lowest level of math based on their Accuplacer score.
Math Blast is a hybrid online/in-person program in which students learn at their own pace with an assigned coach. Similar to other college math implementations, KA exercises were used for homework and coaches graded on mastery.  Coaches played a vital part in this program by providing targeted skill recommendations to students as well as 1-1 support.


In total, the 2014 Spring and Summer cohort consisted of 20 students. By the end of Math Blast, 60% of the students increased their placement, and 40% of the students were able to go straight from pre-algebra level math to college-level.
Overall, Manchester found that the model that seemed to work best for their students was focused 1:1 coaching, using KA missions at the students’ own pace, and grading on skill mastery.