Khan Academy can be a powerful tool for targeted remediation, tutoring, and enrichment. As the examples below illustrate, a wide variety of out-of-school time programs use KA for a wide variety or reasons.

ALearn (remediation for middle school, summer program)

ALearn’s MAP Plus program serves one hundred 7th grade students who are at or below their grade-level proficiency. Students participate in the program for 10 weeks. The blended instruction model combines Khan Academy and hands-on activities. ALearn also runs a summer program for 1,000 7th and 9th graders across more than 18 school districts and uses Khan Academy as a resource for instruction.

Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma Valley (afterschool program)

Клубът за момчета и момичета в Сонома провежда 6-седмични програми на две места с по 30 ученици (по 15 на всяко място). Kids participate 3 time per week for 45 minute sessions. Khan Academy’s coaching features are used to track student progress, and BGC Sonoma works closely with teachers to determine where each of their students should focus. Awards are provided for participation, effort, and badges earned. В края на всяка 6-седмична програма, се организира тържество.

Ikamva (afterschool program in South Africa)

Read more about Ikamva here.

IMC Chicago (volunteer-driven tutoring program)

Volunteers meet with local charter school students after school once per week for individual tutoring. The focus is preparing students for the ACT exam. Volunteer tutors work with students on ACT practice problems and then use Khan Academy to reinforce specific concepts. Volunteers commit to tutoring every other week for three months. Each student is paired with two employees, who trade off.

La Jolla Elementary (volunteer-run before-school program)

Parent Anna Glynne saw the school invest in another online math program, but that technology only provided content at a particular grade level, She found Khan Academy to be a viable, zero-cost option to supplement her child's curriculum. Anna then realized that other students who were either above or below grade level could benefit and obtained permission from the school to start a Khan Academy morning program. Each Wednesday at 8am, thirty 3rd-5th graders gather to use Khan Academy on iPads. Anna saw a need to help students and thought, “Hey, this is free - why not take advantage of it for our students?”

Numeric (afterschool program in South Africa)

Learn more about Numeric here.
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