Tracking progress of programming students

As you may know if you use Khan Academy for other subjects, we provide various tools and dashboards for teachers to help them see what their students are doing. Here's an overview of what we have for programming teachers. Note that in order to take advantage of these tools, you must sign up as a coach and have your students sign up as your students.

Progress Reports

To start with, if you are only teaching programming to a class on Khan Academy, you can designate that in your Manage Students tab. Just click the icon next to the class name, and select "Intro to JS" as the mission. This will set the default for the coach reports. It will not change anything for the student experience; they will still need to bookmark the curriculum URL to complete it.
Selecting the default mission for progress reports
On the "Student Progress" report with "Intro to JS" selected as the mission, you'll see a view of a student's progress through the curriculum - for each bit of content, whether they've started it, completed it, or not started it all. It mirrors what they see when they are viewing the curriculum themselves, with the green circle icons.
Topic progress tab on Student Progress report
Similarly, on the "Skill Progress" report with "Intro to JS" selected, you can see a report on the progress of the whole class through the curriculum. You'll see bars representing how many students have started or completed each bit, and you can expand to see which students specifically are represented by those bars. You can also filter, like if you only want to see their challenge completion.
Class-wide progress on Skills Progress report

Challenge Completion

When your students complete one of the coding challenges, we will award them points and show that in their recent activity feed and activity graph. You can see the graph on the "Activity" tab in the "Student Progress" viewer, and view the feed on the student's individual profiles.
Activity feed on a student's profile
Activity feed widget on a student profile
Screenshot of activity graph
Graph on "Activity" tab from student view on coaches dashboard

Talk-through Watching

When your students watch one of the talk-throughs (our approach to videos), we will log that just how we log the videos elsewhere on the site, noting amount of time and points earned. You can see that on the "Videos" tab in the "Student Progress" viewer, as well as on the student's individual profiles.
Screenshot of videos progress
Videos tab on student progress page
Screenshot of activity graph with videos
Activity graph on student profile

Weekly Reports

Every week, Khan Academy emails coaches with digests of their students' activity for that week. Those reports will also include the challenge and talk-through progress. 
Snippet from a weekly report

Mastery Badge

Once your student has completed all of the coding challenges in the entire Intro to JS curriculum, they will receive a badge. You can see the badge by viewing their profile, clicking "Badges", and then selecting "Challenge Patches", and it will look like this if they earned it:
If you'd like to also give your students a certificate when they complete it, print out this template and fill in their name in the blank space.

Програми за ученици

When you visit an individual students profile, you can see their recent programs there and click through to see all of their programs: 
Recent programs widget on student profile
Recent programs widget on student profile
We also have a page which you can visit to see a gallery of the programs by all your students. It is not linked from anywhere yet, but is available at: (Bookmark it!)
On that page, you can filter by class, and we will display the programs with the most recent ones at the top. That makes it easy to see the latest programs your students have made.
Student programs gallery
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